This Heart of Mine by @SEPauthor

This Heart of Mine (Chicago Stars #5)1* – if we are basing this book on that ~thing~ which happened near the beginning. That ~thing~ that should never ever ever be in ANY book, least of all a romance! The ~thing~ which is so horrifying it cannot be named and I prefer not to think about it.

However, after that ~thing~, the book did get better and was, in parts, actually enjoyable but that ~thing~ means it cannot rise above 2* for me. Sadly I lost all respect for Molly after the ~thing~ and I definitely didn’t feel any empathy for her and her situation.

Finally, please please please can someone tell me whether there is a way to tell whether a SEP is going to be an amazing 5* read or an absolutely infuriating disappointment? Because the way I see it, reading this series is like a rollercoaster.

Book: 2*

Cover: 3*


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