Her Sexiest Mistake by @JillShalvis

Her Sexiest MistakeMia Appleby finally has the life she always wanted. She’s escaped her trailer trash childhood and built a nice life for herself with a marketing job and a cute, little condo. But no matter how much baggage she’s ditched from her past, she still hasn’t managed to shake her greatest weakness-men. So when her new neighbor turns out to be single and oh-so-sexy, Mia’s worried she’s playing with fire . . .

Kevin McKnight can’t get enough of his gorgeous neighbor, but after one amazing night, she’s already showing him the door. Something tells him this is the way she handles most men. But Kevin is far from your average guy-and he’s ready to prove it to Mia. When a blast from her past shakes up Mia’s life in a major way, will she stick with her self-sufficient solo act . . . or take a chance leaning on Kevin’s strong shoulders?

Received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

When I started to read this book I felt for sure that my review was going to be along the lines of “I definitely prefer Jill Shalvis’ more recent books as this was sadly lacking.”  However, a third of the way in I got hopelessly caught up in Mia’s relationships with Hope, Tess and Kevin and by the end I realised that this book wasn’t lacking at all.

I love the way Shalvis explored the different relationships … Kevin/Mia, Mia/Hope, Kevin/Mike, Mike/Tess, Tess/Mia, Hope/Kevin, Hope/Cole and how we saw all the characters grow and accept their shortcomings and strive to make things better.  Shalvis portrayed the different dynamics really well and this story definitely tugged at my heartstrings.

Book: 5*

Cover: 5*


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