Soundtrack To My 2013

{38 Albums}

All albums must be released in 2013 to make the list

At the start of the year when I was looking at the scheduled album releases for 2013, I did wonder whether I was going to equal the 25 albums of 2012.   Turns out 2013 has been an amazing year for awesome album releases.  2014 – you have a lot to live up to!

1. OneRepublic – Native


A very very solid third album (I think I like every song bar one which rarely happens for me).  I am still getting over the disappointment of wasting my ticket to see them.

If I went to the gym or exercised in general, I think I would definitely have this album on repeat.

It also contains my favourite song of the year:  Preacher

Favourite songs: Preacher, Feel Again, If I Lose Myself, Counting Stars

2. The Summer Set – Legendary


Very very summery and radio-friendly with some annoyingly catchy songs.  Definitely recommended if you want to discover some new catchy pop-rock songs.

Favourite songs: Boomerang, Lightning In A Bottle, 7 Days, Jukebox (Life Goes On), Heart On The Floor

3. Rebecca Ferguson – Freedom


I absolutely loved her debut album and have completely played it to death so it’s about time she gave me something new to obsess over.

Her second album is just as awesome and I am glad that she didn’t suddenly decide to change her style and there are some great soul/pop songs on here.  ‘All That I’ve Got’ and ‘I Hope’ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Favourite songs: All That I’ve Got, I Hope, Wonderful World, My Freedom, Hanging On, My Best, I Hope ….. well, the whole album actually.

4. Goo Goo Dolls – Magnetic


This is one of those delightful albums that actually lives up to the lead single.  As soon as I heard ‘Rebel Beat’, I knew I was going to love this album and love it I certainly do.  I think this album is definitely poppier than previous albums.

Favourite songs: Rebel Sound, Keep The Car Running, Bulletproofangel, More of You

5. A Rocket To The Moon – Wild & Free


Highly Recommended.  Every song on here is a winner.  It ranges from the radio-friendly pop-rock (‘You’re My Song’, ‘Wild & Free’, ‘Going Out’) to songs which makes me want to cry (‘Lost and Found’)

Favourite songs: Whole Lotta You, If I’m Gonna Fall In Love, Going Out

6. Parachute – Overnight

I have been looking forward to their latest album for the whole year and whilst I don’t think this album is as catchy as its predecessor, it does contain lots of good songs.

Favourite songs: Can’t Help, Didn’t See It Coming, Hurricane, The Only One, Drive You Home

7. Gavin DeGraw – Make A Move


I don’t know whether it is the influence of touring with Train or what but this album is very Train-like.  Take ‘Best I Ever Had’ for instance – brilliant radio-friendly song which sounds exactly like something Train would produce but nothing like songs on previous Gavin DeGraw albums.
Still, great album

Favourite songs: Best I Ever Had, Who’s Gonna Save Us, Make A Move, Different For Girls

8. Daughtry – Baptized


Favourite songs: Waiting For Superman, I’ll Fight, Undefeated, Long Live Rock and Roll, Battleships, Baptized

9. Luke Bryan – Crash My Party


Just as I had begun to overplay his other albums, he very kindly released a new one for me to fall in love with.  Thank you country music boyfriend.

Favourite songs: That’s My Kind Of Night, Out Like That, Beer In the Headlights, Play It Again

10. Matt Wertz – Heatwave


 Another amazing alternative rock artist.  ‘Whenever You love Somebody’ is such a beautiful tune that should be the backing tune for all of my favourite fandom couples.

Favourite songs: Take It Or Leave It, Get To You, Whenever You Love Somebody, Shine, All I Ever Wanted

11. Keith Urban – Fuse


I don’t have many albums by him.  In fact, I think the only other one I own is his Greatest Hits but I am so glad that I gave this one a try.  It is very Luke Bryan/Florida Georgia Line-esque and “radio friendly” and maybe too poppy for purists but fantastic for me.  I love the way the story unfolds in ‘Black Leather Jacket’.

Favourite Songs: Red Camaro, Somewhere In My Car, Black Leather Jacket, Cop Car

12. Matt Hires – This World Won’t Last Forever


I discovered Matt Hires when they played ‘Forever’ during a Grey’s Anatomy episode.  Awesome album cover!

Favourite songs: Restless Heart, Forever, Wishing On Dead Stars, The Sound of Falling In Love

13. Fleetwood Mac – Rumours (35th Anniversary Edition)


So the 4 CD extended edition of Rumours to celebrate its 35th Anniversary?  Wow.  There are some gems on there.  I have to say that you have to know the album to really appreciate it otherwise to a layman it will just be different versions of the same song that broadly sound the same.

Unbelievable highlights:

Planets of the Universe (Demo) – If you have Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nick’s entire discography, you probably have several different versions of ‘Planets of the Universe’ but the version on this CD entitled ‘Planets of the Universe (Demo)’ is a real contender for the most beautiful version.

Oh Daddy (Early Take) – You would think that having Christine calling out ‘Chorus’ and ‘Instrumental thing’ during the recording of this track would ruin the song but lordio it just enhances its awesomeness.

The Chain (Demo) – Sounds nothing like the end product.  Wow.  Funny how that intro makes a song.

Keep Me There (With Vocal) – This is where ‘The Chain’’s famous riff comes from!  Epic!  Love this song.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  A part of me wishes they released this instead.

14. Jake Owen – Days Of Gold


Another ‘radio-friendly’ country artist.  He’s right up there with Luke Bryan in my books.  I first heard about him as Florida Georgia Line did a song with him on his Endless Summer EP and I have been waiting awhile for his full length album.

It is the last release of 2013 to make it onto the list so I haven’t listened to it as much as the others but it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Favourite songs: Ghost Town, Life Of The Party, Tipsy

15. Ryan Star – Animals EP


I am a huge Ryan Star fan and hope that he’ll release another full-length album soon.  In the time we have this fabulous EP.

Favourite songs: World I Used to Know, My Life With You, Impossible

16. Fleetwood Mac – Extended Play


It’s not a new album but I’ll take any new Fleetwood Mac material I can get.  Definitely the highlight of the year for me was getting to see them live and Christine McVie joining them on stage for a rendition of ‘Don’t Stop’.

Favourite songs: Sad Angel

17. Andrew Ripp – Won’t Let Go


Favourite songs: Falling for the Beat, Someone to Love You, When You Fall In Love, Let Love Win

18. Scouting For Girls – Greatest Hits


I debated a long time whether or not I was going to allow this album on this list because the intention of this list was to showcase new music not Greatest Hits compilations.  However, as I only have their third album, a lot of the music on here was new to me.

Favourite songs: Harbour, Famous, Heartbeat

19. Fitz & The Tantrums – More Than Just A Dream


Camp introduced me to this band and to the whole genre actually.  Really catchy songs.

Favourite songs: Spark, Fools Gold, 6am, Break the Walls

20. Keaton Simons – Beautiful Pain


A new discovery this year – some great pop-rock.

Favourite songs: Beautiful Pain, Black & White, The Medicine, Gonna Shine Brighter, Hearts Don’t Break Themselves

21. Ben Rector – The Walking In Between


Favourite songs: Ordinary Love, When I’m With You, Follow You

22. Matt Nathanson – Last of The Great Pretenders


Favourite songs: Last Days Of Summer In San Francisco, Mission Bells, Kill The Lights

23. Bernard Fanning – Departures


This is what I would probably describe as adult alternative rock.  ‘Grow Around You’ is such a beautiful song.

 Favourite songs: Inside Track, Grow Around You, Tell Me How It Ends

24. Teddy Geiger – The Last Fears


Favourite songs: Walking the Sun, Ordinary Man, Shake It Off, Save Me

25. Clannad – Nadur


This is everything I wanted in a new album from these guys – beautiful haunting melodies. And a mixture of songs in Gaelic and English.  They were awesome live.

Favourite songs: A Song In Your Heart, Turas Domhsa Chon Na Galldachd, Vellum

26. Luke Bryan – Spring Break Here to Party


Whilst this album does contain the great ‘Buzzkill’ song, I am not overly in love with the album as a whole, mainly because it is full of songs about Spring Break which is such an American thing, I can’t relate.

HOWEVER, seeing this album is what made me first get curious about Luke Bryan and holy crap, he has turned out to be one of my favourite artists I’ve discovered this year.

Favourite songs: Buzzkill, If You Ain’t Here To Party

27. Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne


I really don’t like it when artists have self-titled albums which aren’t their debut album but I tried not to let that influence my opinion of the album as a whole.

’17’ is ripped off of Taylor Swift’s ’22’? Got to admit it is catchy though!

‘Hello Kitty’ – what the hell is this atrocity?!?!  Oh and ‘Bad Girl’??  WTF?!  She can join Jessie J this year in making me seriously go WTF in terms of some of the songs on their albums.

Overall if we ignore the above two songs, it’s a good album but I think she’s too old to be making this kind of album?  *shrugs* Who am I to judge?

Favourite songs: Here’s To Never Growing Up, 17, Rock n Roll, Hello Heartache

28. Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped In Red


There is no question that I love Kelly and her music but in general covers don’t do it for me and therefore Christmas albums rarely get me excited.

Favourite songs: Wrapped in Red, Underneath the Tree

29. Leona Lewis – Christmas, With Love


As above. Amazing voice (‘Ave Maria’ – wow) and album cover though.

Favourite songs: Mr Right, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), One More Sleep

30. Vertical Horizon – Echoes From the Underground


There’s this guitar solo at about the 5 minute mark of ‘Lovestruck’ that just got me.

This album is a lot less poppy than their earlier stuff.

Favourite songs: Half-Light, Lovestruck

31. Thomas Rhett – It Goes Like This


A new country music discovery for me this year.

Favourite songs: Make Me Wanna, It Goes Like This

32.  Beady Eye – BE


I am still sad about Oasis’s break-up but I can definitely say that I much prefer Noel Gallagher and His High Flying Birds to Beady Eye.   This album is sadly lacking in ‘catchy’ songs that you want to play over and over again.

Favourite songs: Flick of the Finger, Off At The Next Exit

33. Jessie J – Alive


I absolutely loved her first album but now she’s got all electronic/rap/R’N’B (seriously, WTF is ‘Excuse My Rude’?!  It offends me right from the first note), this was a big step down overall but with some good tunes thrown in for good measure.

Favourite songs: Breathe, I Miss Her, Daydreamin’, Harder We Fall, Sexy Lady

34. Starship – Loveless Fascination


This year’s only half-decent AOR offering.  Also, wonderful cover.

Favourite songs: It’s Not The Same As Love, Loveless Fascination

35. Action Item – Resolution


Favourite songs: Moments, Last Day Of Summer

36. Caitlin Rose – The Stand-In


I discovered this artist thanks to Hart Of Dixie back when I still watched it.

Favourite songs: When I’m Gone, Waitin’, Everywhere I Go

37. Josh Groban – All That Echoes


I’m going to be honest, Josh Groban has a whole following of fangirls but I’m not one of them.  I like his voice and some of his songs but I’m never going to be a huge fan.  That said, the amount of songs I liked on this album was a nice surprise.

Favourite songs: Brave, Below The Line, Hollow Talk


 Bon Jovi – What About Now


Can anyone say Big Fat Disappointment?!?!?!  I know people slated ‘Circle’ but that was 50 million times better than this album.


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