The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug {A Love Story}

Peter Jackson likes creating love triangles where they don’t exist.  Arwen/Aragorn/Eowyn in Lord Of The Rings?  Eowyn’s supposed love for Aragorn gets about 2 sentences in the book.

And now the Legolas/Tauriel/Kili angle in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

I can’t deny that the film needed a female presence for it to sell, especially when dealing with the expansion of a thin book into 3 major epic blockbusters, but I was as dubious as the rest of the fandom when I heard that TPTB were creating a new female elf to star.  It didn’t even cross my mind until I was in the cinema watching it, that this new female character would have such a prominent role to play and star in her own love triangle.


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So Tauriel herself, big thumbs up.  She was kickass and although I never watched Lost, I am instinctively a big fan of Evangeline Lilly.  But who to ship her with?

Ah Legolas.  As a teenage fangirl when LOTR came out, I was a huge Legolas/Orlando Bloom fan and I’ve got to say that this film took me right back there and now finally with someone I can ship him with (my first ever ship before I even knew what shipping was, was Legolas/Arwen but that is a tale for another time ….)


I have a penchant for friends who grow up together and then end up seeing each other in another light … ❤ ❤ and Thranduil’s warning to Tauriel “Legolas has grown quite fond of you” and the whole forbidden love aspect make my heart beat.

tumblr_myjlopLHUm1s2b2mgo1_250 tumblr_myjlopLHUm1s2b2mgo2_250 tumblr_myjlopLHUm1s2b2mgo3_250 tumblr_myjlopLHUm1s2b2mgo4_250

Legolas/Tauriel are totally compatible and if Legolas ever gets over Tauriel staying with Kili and not having his back in Laketown, they could get their HEA and have very hot Elf children …..

tumblr_myhxvcFUy21rc438io1_500 tumblr_myhxvcFUy21rc438io2_r1_500tumblr_myhxvcFUy21rc438io3_r1_500

On the other hand, opposites attract and all that:

Kili is a hot dwarf.  Probably like the hottest dwarf that ever existed and there is something to be said about fulfilling the unresolved Elf/Dwarf shipping that Legolas/Gimli failed to deliver in LOTR.


It’s just I found the dialogue between Kili/Tauriel, both when he is in jail and they talk about the rune/starlight and when he is feverish in Laketown after she saves him, extremely cheesy.

tumblr_mymob4bK8G1qd52doo6_250 tumblr_mymob4bK8G1qd52doo5_250tumblr_myiosfMQWA1qcz48ho3_500

Also, the height difference?  Freaks me out.

The almost hand touch though totally redeems them …… ❤ ❤ <3.


So my question to you all is now are you Team Kili or Team Legolas?

(This is not a rhetorical question, I really am dying to know!)

(And now for some non-shipping moments:)

  • Absolutely loved the throw-back to LOTR, TTT where Gimli talks about how dwarf-women look like blokes
  • I couldn’t stop thinking about how Bard looks like a hotter Keith Urban
  • Stephen Fry = LOL
  • Beorn’s bit was surprisingly short and he is not nearly as sexy as I imagine him to be
  • Spiders – ewww.
  • Tops the first film

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