Playing for Keeps by Kate Donovan

Playing for Keeps (Play Makers #2)Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

I usually make it to the end of even the most disappointing romance novel but reading this one was so torturous I had to resort to some fast scanning of the last third of the book.

I really don’t want to go through and slate the whole book from start to finish so here are just some of the things I disliked:

– No sexual tension between Johnny and Erica and no build-up.  One minute they are meeting for the first time and the next they are holding hands.

– Johnny agreeing to go on a blind date with his sister-in-law’s friend and talks about proposing to her despite the fact he’s never met her and knows nothing about her.

– Johnny’s father pressuring him to have kids so he can name one of them after him, despite the fact Johnny’s brother has a family and is more than willing to do so.

– The constant sexual harassments.  I understand the set-up with Frank’s comments and thus giving the chance for Erica to pitch her idea but she then gets hit on by every inappropriate male.  WTF?  Trust me, I know how this happens to a woman in a man’s world but she must be extremely unlucky to have every sleazy male she’s ever met try something with her.

– Johnny ‘whoring’ out her services to two of her team mates.  I don’t know what is more laughable about this situation but the fact she ended up counseling them and sorting out their love life entanglements with twins is definitely part of it.

Finally, the one saving grace about bad romances is that they are usually short but this went on and on and on.

Book: 1*

Cover: 3*


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