One Night with Her Ex by Lucy King

One Night with Her Ex2.5*

I really liked the first half of the book.  Whilst I abhor cheaters, the author/Kit/Lily did a good job of realistically explaining how it came about and I liked how Lily and Kit were honest with each other about what went wrong in their marriage the first time.

Kudos for the author for broaching the topic of impotence which rarely gets a mention in romances, especially those with alpha males!

However, unfortunately the book went downhill in the second half.  I really think the author should have left it with their HEA on the tropical island rather than revisiting their angst back in the UK.

I specifically didn’t like the fact that the cheating issue cropped up again and Kit failed to mention that he still works with the woman.

This book gets points for keeping things realistic, but realism and exploring the downs of human relationships isn’t something I really read romances for.  In the end, there were too many ups and downs for me to believe that Kit and Lily get their HEA.

Also Kit is a bit of an odd name for a male romantic lead!

Book: 2.5*
Cover: 4*


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