Striking Distance by @Pamela_Clare

Striking Distance (I-Team, #6)3.5*

I am a huge fan of the series but I have to say that I didn’t love this book as much as the others.

Here are some reasons why:

– Emotionally wounded characters are a staple of every romantic suspense novel but being continuously raped by a terrorist, becoming pregnant by a terrorist, not realising you’re pregnant and then having the baby taken away from you by another wife of the terrorist, “forgetting” about your child when you are being rescued? I just could not get past that, and could not believe that anyone could get over something like that.
– I enjoy a drawn out story as much as the next gal but boy this book was long and this book didn’t know when to end (see below)
– I wished that the book ended with the bittersweet notion of Klara not being returned to Laura but the possibility that she might be in the future. I didn’t really need to see the emotional drama of having her daughter in her arms and then having to give her up again (although she definitely did the right thing!)
– A 19-year time jump into the future where Klara finds out that Laura is really her mother? No, no, no. Time jumps used like that in an epilogue never gives me warm and fuzzy feelings (the horror that is the epilogue in HP#7 may have ruined all epilogues for me forever) and I definitely did not need to experience it in this case.

Having said all of that, I still enjoyed this book. I liked the whodunnit element and getting to see glimpses of familiar characters from previous books.

Book: 3.5*

Cover: 3*


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