The Mentalist: 6×22 – Blue Bird

“You’re right. I have forgotten how to act like a normal human being. And I play games and I lie and I trick people to avoid the truth of how I feel. And the idea of letting anyone close to me is terrifying for obvious reasons, but the truth, Teresa, is that I can’t imagine […]

Grey’s Anatomy: 10×24 – Fear (Of The Unknown)

Sandra Oh’s final episode and it was the perfect sendoff.  There was the ‘big drama’ of the huge trauma case to keep the episode busy but that wrapped up pretty early giving enough time for a series of perfect Meredith/Cristina moments.  Meredith putting Cristina in the cab, THE DANCING IT OUT to a song I […]

Criminal Minds: 9×24 – Demons (Part II)

This was by no means the best season finale the show has ever done but with the numerous life/death moments and gun battles, I have to give it ‘A’ for effort. I totally didn’t see Alex’s departure coming.  I hadn’t watched the promo or read spoilers so I didn’t know we were losing a member […]

Nashville: 2×22 – On The Other Hand

I really enjoyed this season of Nashville, much more than I thought I would.  The latter half was especially strong and I think I should have included more episodes on this list than I did. Anyway, onto this episode ….. my absolute favourite thing was Rayna being there for Juliette and the two of them […]

Date on the Run by Jill Monroe

Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review What an amazing novella! It is hard enough cramming character development into a novella, not to mention 3 life-or-death situations, an injury in the woods and the backstory to the attacks but the author managed all that and more. Within the first few pages, […]

Fiance by Fate by Jennifer Shirk

Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 2.5* Unfortunately the whole premise around Sabrina insistent upon winning back her douche fiancé back one minute and in love with Jack the next just didn’t work for me – the whole “realisation of feelings” for both Jack and Sabrina could have been paced […]

The Mentalist: 6×20 -Il Tavolo Bianco

Oh the Jane/Lisbon tension! The dinner, that scene at the end …..  “I want you to know, I really want you to be happy.” I really like Pike but of course Jane/Lisbon is where my heart lies.  I love that Abbott is blatantly shipping Jane/Lisbon.