Tempting the Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon

Tempting the BillionaireYes 1* and yes I resorted to skimming the last third of the book just so I could get to the end and write this review.

I can honestly say that there was nothing in this book that I enjoyed, nothing. Instead, here are some of the things I really didn’t enjoy:

1. The name Crickitt. Why, why, WHY?! (No offence to anyone reading this who may actually be called Crickitt)
2. A billionaire is a) attracted to a crying girl in a bar and b) offers said girl a job. Why didn’t anyone tell me this was the best way to go about job hunting?!
3. Said girl, with absolutely no relevant work experience, and let’s remember, was crying in a bar requests a six figure salary and gets it. WHY DOES THIS NEVER HAPPEN TO ME?! Oh yes I am well aware of nepotism and unqualified people getting paid tons but why on earth does the author think I want to read about it in a genre I read to escape from the real world?!
4. Shane regularly rides around town in a limo during his work day. I get having a driver, hell if I was a billionaire I would probably also have a Thomas in my life but with city traffic, a limo is just not practical, not to mention that unless you are going to a wedding or ball or the White House, it is bloody ostentatious.
5. Shane the workaholic billionaire decides to take Crickitt to the cinema in the middle of a work day. WTF?!
6. “OMG you’re my boss, I can’t continue sleeping with you but I just can’t help myself!” / “OMG you’re my employee, I can’t continue sleeping with you but I just can’t help myself!” aaaand rinse and repeat the cycle ad nauseam.
7. Crickitt crying in Shane’s office during one of those times she thinks he’s going to break up with her – what did you expect love?! a) He’s your boss, b) it’s only happened like a dozen times already and c) you’re called Crickitt, of course he can do better!
(Then I stopped reading but gathered enough to add the following to the list)
8. Crickitt’s stereotypical parents
9. Almost-plane crash. Seriously?!

In case you haven’t gathered from the above, I heartily do NOT recommend this book.

Book: 1*

Cover: 2*


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