The Summer Shift

The Night Shift - Season 1

Usually the summer means the premiere of USA Network shows for me but this year I am steering clear of those (Covert Affairs – spent years rooting for Auggie/Annie and can’t bear to watch the angst, White Collar, Suits ….) and spending the time to catch up on shows I’m behind on (NCIS: LA, Parenthood, the last season of Nikita which I can’t bear to see go).  However, one new summer show which I’m watching is The Night Shift.  I have been longing for this show to air ever since I read the synopsis for it at last year’s Upfronts.  Whilst I will probably never be able to give up Grey’s Anatomy, I have been longing for a new medical drama to sink my teeth into, and new pretty people to ship.  Thank you The Night Shift for delivering!

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Things I am hoping for:

1) That it gets renewed for a second season
2) We get a flashback episode to when TC/Jordan were dating the first time around
3) Ragosa/Landry develops into a ship
4) Jordan/TC ❤


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