Indecent Proposal by @MollyOKwrites

Indecent Proposal (Boys of Bishop, #4)Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Reading one of the books in Molly O’Keefe’s Boys of Bishop series is a bit like being strapped into your seat on a rollercoaster ride that takes you across the whole spectrum of human emotion.  You swoon, you cry, you laugh at the subtle humour ….. and by the end you are left completely drained (in a good way.  *spoiler alert* Indecent Proposal has a happy ending!)

Ever since we were first introduced to Harrison in Never Been KissedMolly Okeefe - Harrison I have been waiting on tenterhooks for his story and it definitely didn’t disappoint.  When Ryan first meets him at the hotel bar, he adopts the persona of ‘Harry’ which makes you (and Ryan) fall in instant love with him.  Molly O’Keefe does a great job at balancing the whole !instantlove with realism and the hotel room scene was HOT!

However, when he appears again in her apartment he has done a complete 180 and the way he threw accusation after accusation at Ryan gave me chills.  But never fear, ‘Harry’ reappears before the end to convince you that Harrison deserves Ryan.

I loved all of the secondary characters, even the ones you are meant to hate, and Wallace/Noelle especially made me smile.

In terms of Harrison’s political career, if I were wearing a hat I would definitely take it off to the author for having Harrison lose the election.  In terms of fake relationship tropes, the fake relationship is nearly always successful in helping the Hero or Heroine achieve his/her ultimate goal but I love how Molly O’Keefe took the unexpected route.

The only thing which could have possibly made this book better for me was perhaps have Wes appear for a scene in the latter half of the book.  This is because 1) he played such a key role at the start, it would have made sense to maybe have him turn up when Ryan goes back home and 2) I am really hoping he gets a book of his own in the near future!

Finally, a huge thanks to the publisher for including my Wild Child review at the start of this book.  It literally made my day when I sat down to start reading Indecent Proposal.

Book: 5*

Cover: 4*


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