His Game, Her Rules by Charlene Groome

His Game, Her RulesReceived an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

This book contained two things which I haven’t seen in a contemporary romance novel in a long time:

1) The Present Tense

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this …. all I know is that it didn’t spoil the book as much as some of the other things did (see point #2)

2) Rampant chauvinism

Yes I get that you would come across some as a woman in a man’s world but seriously, SERIOUSLY? She is an Olympic medal winning hockey player! Dude, how can you even dream of questioning those qualifications!

“I’ve played nationally, as well as for the Olympics. Twice.”
“And that makes you a professional?”

Erm, YES!

And how can we be expected to be attracted to a hero who says things like

“She’s good looking!” Ty says. “I’m not kidding. She’s hot! I don’t know how she plans to teach us anything – we’ll be too distracted!”

What are you thirteen years old?!

And of course every other male in the book was just as bad:

“No offense [sic], Eileen, but you are a woman.”

But back to Ty ……. even though he doubts her skills as a teacher he is obviously wowed by her beauty (after all she must be so beautiful a “professional” like him couldn’t possibly concentrate on practice when faced with such a beauty) and he just keeps asking her out, even when she says no. Of course he finally convinces her but that’s just the start of the endless back-and-forth with the “I can’t go out with you because I’m your coach but I’m going to end up going out with you anyway” and even after she gets fired and that’s no longer a problem, that’s still the reason she goes back to. What a broken record.

I didn’t understand why the author didn’t show us how Eileen got on during the first training session. After the build-up of “the guys won’t listen to you”, I thought showing us the first meeting of Eileen Vs the team would be an obvious thing to explore. The whole threat thing? Overkill. Whilst I didn’t feel any sort of suspense over who did it (obvious from start), it would have been nice to have that wrapped up properly. And don’t get me started on how Eileen just brushes it off at the end instead of taking action, since, you know, this guy threatened her and cost her her job.

Eileen’s Uncle was the only nice guy in the whole book but I didn’t really understand the point of having him end up in the hospital – it just didn’t add anything to the story.

Another non-starter plot arc was bringing the ex-boyfriend back into play and having Eileen so easily agree to meet him even though he was supposedly a jackass who broke her heart, not to mention the fact that he has been wearing dentures since he was 25. Sounds like a real catch!

And then Ty gets traded and he keeps asking Eileen to move to LA with him and give up everything she’s worked for and she keeps saying no and he keeps asking and then, you guessed it, after some dreary back-and-forth dialogue she agrees to give up everything and join him in LA.

Finally, something which has to be noted is the overuse of exclamation marks! Seriously, on every page there were at least 3 exclamations. Goodness knows what the characters have to be exclaiming about all the time ….. unless it’s about how weak their romance is!

Book: 1*

Cover: 3*


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