"Give Em Hell" by Marc Broussard

Wondering what you’d say if you were here
May just be some harsh and biting joke
Told with a love meant to inspire
A self-reflecting glance into the soul

I know that I could count upon a welcome
But what exactly would you say to me
If you knew that I was having trouble coping
With the questions your departure seems to leave
But I think I might know what you’d wanna say

Give em hell for me
Dry your stupid eyes, you big baby
Just give em hell for me
Don’t you ever take it too seriously

Lucky to have come to know you
As much as it pains me to say
But still too unbelievable to fathom
That we won’t get at least another day

Marc Broussard – Give Em Hell

Sometimes I feel a song comes into my life at just the right time, for the right reasons.

Last week saw the release of Marc Broussard’s latest album, a lovely folk-rock offering, A Life Worth Living.  Last week was also the funeral of a friend who messaged me in the middle of the night saying ‘Bet you miss me today.  lol’ and was found dead in her house a few days later when the police broke in.

Cause of death wasn’t made explicitly clear at the funeral but infer what you will from when the minister said “as well as sadness, some of you may feel anger that this could have happened to such a bubbly person”.

No one could ever have seen this coming.  She was the bubbliest, sassiest, loveliest individual with whom I used to banter on a daily basis and I will forever miss our verbal sparring sessions at work.

Anyway, I came home from the funeral and started listening to music to distract myself and Give Em Hell by Marc Broussard came on and it just said everything I couldn’t really say but felt about the situation and it was cathartic.  I know every time I hear that song, I’ll think of this moment, this loss, this hole in my life but it also gives comfort.

Give em hell for me, Dry your stupid eyes, you big baby
Just give em hell for me, Don’t you ever take it too seriously

is exactly what she would say to me if she could.  Thank you Marc for bringing this song into my life.



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