Stripped Down by @Kelli_Ireland

Stripped Down (Pleasure Before Business)He casually draped an arm over her shoulder and released Cass’s beer. “And how’s my favorite bride tonight?”
Said bride preened a little. “Better, now that you’re here. We’re under full-frontal attack from the natives.”
“Hmm. I’m more a rear-approach kind of guy.”
Cass choked on her beer. Ignoring Gwen’s waggling eyebrows, she wheezed and gasped, eyes watering.
Gwen absently waved a hand in her direction. “Don’t pay any attention to her. She likes sex but has to warm up before she gives good innuendo.”

I have wanted to read a good stripper romance for awhile now so this book was released at just the right time – with the added bonus that it was about a male stripper!

The first half of the book was a strong 5*.  The stripping scene was Kelli Ireland - EricHOT, as was the dancing scene at the club, and I loved seeing the chemistry between Eric and Cass explode on the page.  I loved how they were both genuinely interested in learning more about each other and remembered the little things like how Eric took his coffee and that Cass liked crepes.

Things got a little bit confusing for me in the ‘identities revealed’ conference showdown with these random men butting in and I would have also liked a final showdown scene with Cass firmly putting her father in his place (and maybe introducing him to Eric!).

Otherwise, this was a delightful, quick, sexy read.  I can’t wait for the second book in the series and I hope that there are many more to come!

“I was doing a little play-by-play recap. I’m pretty sure we both scored repeatedly, but I’m not sure who won the game.”
She patted his cheek. “Silly man, I did.”
“How can you be sure?” Scepticism wove through his words.
“Because you’re the player, baby, but I’m the coach.”
“Put your coffee down.”
“What?” Her gaze slid to him, and he was totally charmed at the way her lips twitched and her eyes shone.
“I said put your coffee down.”
“Why?” Now the scepticism was all hers.
“I don’t want you to spill it and burn yourself.”
She snorted. “I think I can manage to hold a conversation and sip a cup of coffee without burning myself.”
He arched a single brow. “You won’t be able to when I take you to the mat…Coach.” She was off the bed in a flash, her alarmed squeak making him laugh. “What kind of coach runs from her players?”
“The kind who knows the size of bat her player swings.” Scarlet stained her cheeks. “I’m a little sore.”
“No batting practice this morning,” he said gently and patted the bed. “Have a seat.”
“Okay, but hands under the covers and you keep them to yourself.” Her eyes flared and her mouth opened and closed as he roared with laughter. “I didn’t mean… That is… Well, shit.” She chuckled, shaking her head.
“So no batting practice, huh?”
She grinned. “Shut up, Dalton, or you’ll be benched indefinitely.”
“Shutting up immediately, Coach.”

Book: 4*

Cover: 5*


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