Between The Sheets by @MollyOKwrites Guest Post

Following on from my Between The Sheets review and Book Blitz, I am delighted to be participating in the Blog Tour for this fantastic book.  I am excited to feature an interview between the author, Molly O’Keefe, and Casey, one of her characters from Between The Sheets.

Casey is an fourteen year old boy who was sent into foster care after his mom was arrested when he was eleven. Taking his own future in hand he sought out his Dad, Wyatt Svenson who never knew Casey existed. This interview takes places two years after the end of BETWEEN THE SHEETS.

MOK: Hey Casey, thanks for taking the time to talk to me.
Casey: No problem! Mom said I didn’t have to, but it would be a good idea.
MOK: Mom?
Casey: Shelby. That’s what I call her.
MOK: Awesome, and what about Ty, what do you call him?
Casey: A pain in my butt? Can I say that?
MOK: You can say whatever you like. I heard you guys were working on a bike together.
Casey: We are! A sweeeeet little Night Hawk. It’s almost done. Mom’s freaking out because I’m only fourteen but Dad told her that we would wait until I had my licence.
MOK: That’s funny, because I heard you were riding it out on the dirt roads south of Bishop with Ty.
Casey: (looking remarkably guilty and a little bit scared) Are you going to tell her?
MOK: Your secret is safe with me. So, you guys are doing all right.
Casey: (staring down at his shoes for a second) You know when I walked to Ty’s shop so I could get out of that foster home I was in, I thought maybe things would get better for me. It’s not like they could get worse. But I never thought this would happen.
MOK: What do you mean?
Casey: Like a family. A real one. We took a vacation this summer to the Grand Canyon! And we stayed in hotels with swimming pools and we went to restaurants and Dad let me eat like seven million orders of fried shrimp and Mom didn’t even say anything about vegetables!
MOK: Sounds like a good family vacation. How was the Grand Canyon?
Casey: Have you ever seen it? It’s so wide and so big you can’t see the edge of it. Someday Dad and I are going to go back and hike to the bottom of it. Mom said how amazing it must have been to be the first person to see it. And I said, I bet it was a little scary too. Amazing and scary all together. And then Dad said I know what that’s like – but he was looking at us, so you totally know he was talking about me. And Mom.
MOK: Your mom started crying, didn’t she?
Casey: Totally crying. Like bawling all over the place. Someone walked by and gave us a kleenex. It was embarrassing.
MOK: I hear you’ve got some more great news.
Casey: (Doing this excited clap thing that only proves that he’s still part kid) We’re going to have a baby!
MOK: Congratulations!
Casey: Oh my god, it’s so cool. SO COOL. Mom thinks it’s a boy. Dad thinks it’s a girl. I don’t even care. At all.
MOK: You sound excited. How much longer until you find out?
Casey: The baby is due next month. Cora and Sean are going to have a baby too! Did you know that? She’s super sick, Sean says all she can eat are popsicles. So it’s like baby crazy right now. Just tons of baby crap everywhere you go between Mom and Cora and Brody and Ashley’s twins and Jackson and Monica’s kid.
MOK: Sounds kind of happy, if you ask me.
Casey: It is. It totally is. We still do this counseling thing once a month, Mom and Dad and me. And sometimes Mom gets really sad about her mom, and Dad gets angry about Vanessa – she’s my birth mom – but mostly…Mostly it’s just really really awesome.
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