The Tycoon's Convenient Bride… and Baby by Shoshanna Evers

The Tycoon's Convenient Bride... and BabyReceived an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

From the summary I really thought I would like this, after all I do like the ‘fake relationship’ trope.  However, I knew from the first chapter that it wasn’t going to be the awesome read I hoped it would be – Mack arrives at Lauren’s door in the pouring rain to tell her some earth-shattering news.  Does he blurt it out in a panic which reflects the urgency of the situation?  No, he accepts the towel she offers, strips off in front of her and finally spits out the news.  On hearing that her brother may have faked his own death and left her with her niece to raise, does Lauren panic / faint?  No she daydreams about how hot Mack is. Then he hugs her to comfort which has an ‘arousing effect’ on her. Seriously, there is a time and a place people!!!

Also I much prefer marriage of conveniences where they pretend to themselves that there will be no sex involved rather than where the guy presumes that even though they don’t know each other and he doesn’t know Lauren likes him, that she’s going to give him sex.  And basically commands her they are going to have sex tonight.  Erm, hello, Lauren’s just been told her twin brother is either a) dead, b) in Witness protection or c) floating in the middle of the ocean in a broken down yacht.  She might have other things on her mind than sex!!!!

Thankfully Lauren turns him down on their marriage night (after stripping off, mind) telling him some excuse about being worried about roses (!) and Mack asks her if she didn’t want to sleep with him why did she marry him?!  ERM TO SAVE HER NIECE FROM GOING INTO FOSTER CARE?!

Oh but wait, she’s just told him that she’s not ready and he still makes the moves on her.  Then the next time she leads him on before pulling away.  And even after they sleep together, there’s this endless back and forth where Lauren can’t decide if she wants to carry on being married to Mack / sleeping with him or really what exactly she wants.  Throw in some insecurities about not being able to have her own children and a rescue operation to save her brother and sister-in-law (whose yacht broke down after all, no FBI involved), you have the essence of this novel.

And no, we never get to find out what Lauren’s obsession with her roses is all about.

Book: 1*

Cover: 4*


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