The Devil in Denim by Melanie Scott

The Devil in Denim (New York Saints, #1)3.5*

The set-up of the book was unique in that nearly all sport romance series focus on the players whereas Melanie Scott has chosen to focus on Alex, Lucas and Mal, 3 baseball fans who bought the struggling Saints team.

This book focused on Alex and Maggie, the former team owner’s daughter who has had the carpet swept out from under her with the sale of ‘her’ team to Alex.

I liked the plot on principle but whilst Alex/Maggie were likeable, the first two-thirds of the book seemed to drag on and on with not a lot happening apart from Maggie resolutely stating that she wouldn’t get involved with her boss one minute and taking her clothes off the next.  And repeating this cycle multiple times.

Where the book really started to pick up was in the last quarter Melanie Scott - Alexxwhen a rival makes a bid for the team and Maggie has to decide where her loyalties lie.  When news of her (now over) relationship with Alex gets out, she and Alex have to pretend to be madly enough.  I think this could have been expanded on and made for more interesting scenes.

The book has a satisfying ending in the main but I feel like there were some threads that were never tied up i.e. the relationship between Maggie and her father – I still felt like he was hiding something from her; and Maggie/Ollie – I kind of felt this was introduced but never went anywhere.

Still, I’ll be tuning in for the next book in the series.

Book: 3.5*

Cover: 4*


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