Wicked Nights by Anne Marsh

Wicked NightsWhat a super hot and sexy frenemies-to-lovers story.

I loved the bickering, betting and competitive nature between Piper and Cal and the sexual tension was radiating from the page full force. However, I equally loved the way they looked out for each other with Cal still worrying about Piper’s knee and Piper attempting to help him through his fear of drowning.  Their backstories are a great counterpoint to the generally fun and flirty banter and I loved how Piper especially accepted that her dream of winning diving gold was no longer a reality and managed to move on rather than sinking into a deep hole of self pity.Anne Marsh - Cal

An added bonus is that the author really made you feel immersed in the island life and undergoing the diving experience with Piper.  (I want to swim with sea-lions dammit!)

This book was a perfect weekend read, a whole lot of fun and zero angst.

Book: 5*

Cover: 5*


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