What I Love About You by Rachel Gibson

What I Love About You (Truly, Idaho, #3)Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Rachel Gibson was one of the first authors I tried when I first got into contemporary romance. I swiftly devoured her back catalogue and as soon as I hear about a new book from her, it quickly goes on my ‘Must Read’ list.

What I Love About You will never be my favourite book of hers.  After all the Hero is something of a sex-mad player with an alcohol addiction and as soon as he sees Natalie he has one single thought: getting her naked!  Then there is Natalie’s ex-husband Michael who you’re never quite whether he’s going to respect her wishes regarding custody of their daughter and the fact that she’s never going to get back together with him.

Nevertheless, Blake, the hero won me over in the end, helped, nRachel Gibson - Blakeo doubt, by Sparky the cute puppy the he and Natalie end up co-owning.  He works through his issues and gets his priorities straightened out and ends up proving himself worthy of Natalie.  Michael, the ex-husband, whilst he would never make it onto my list of swoonworthy guys,is bearable in the end, as is Charlotte, Natalie’s daughter.

My favourite scene in the whole book is when Natalie goes over to Blake’s house and, unbeknownst to her, ends up having an intimate conversation with his identical twin before fainting (incidentally, I wonder if she ever does end up pregnant – I feel like that was hinted at in that scene but never resolved).

A solid addition to Gibson’s Truly, Idaho series.

Book: 4*

Cover: 4*


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