Q & A with … @JillShalvis

Today I am delighted to be hosting a Q&A with Jill Shalvis in honour of her new release One In A Million, the final book in the much-loved Lucky Harbor series.

Q. How did you first get the idea for the Lucky Harbor series?

A. When I started this series about three estranged sisters who get stuck together running a beach resort, I decided I was out of my mind. I don’t have sisters. I have a brother, and we like each other just fine. Then at the dinner table that very night, my three teenage heathens started bickering and fighting, and I just stared at them in awe and wonder.
I had my fodder! “Keep fighting,” I told them — much to their utter shock, since I’ve spent the past fifteen years begging them to get along.
After that night, it was a piece of cake to write the sisters. So then all that I had left to do was find the three sexy guys who could handle them.
It just so happened that, at the time, my neighbor was having an addition put on her house. For six glorious weeks, there were a bunch of guys hanging off the roof and the walls, in perfect line of sight of my office.
Which is really my deck. It’s a wonder I got any work done at all.

Q. How do you decide what to name the characters in your book?JillShalvis

A. I collect good names as I hear them and keep them in a file. When I start a new book, I flip through the saved names until I find one that suits me at the time.

Q. If you had to choose just one, who is your favourite couple out of the 12 Lucky Harbor couples?

A. Definitely Sawyer and Chloe from HEAD OVER HEELS. Wait, no. It’s Josh and Grace from FOREVER AND A DAY. No, wait. It’s Ben and Aubrey from ONCE IN A LIFETIME. No wait!! It’s Callie and Tanner from ONE IN A MILLION… 🙂

Q. What’s your favourite trope to write?

A. reunited lovers! Or in Callie and Tanner’s case, a crush turned love. 🙂

Q. As your ‘Lucky Harbor’ series is now coming to an end, do you know what your next series will be about?

A. I do. 🙂

Buy Links for One In A Million:

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