Sugar's Twice as Sweet by @MarinaEAdair

ARC received from: Netgalley Rating: 3* Cover: Yay Trope: Small town Southern romance Chemistry: Low boil POV: 3rd Person One-Sentence Summary: Big city girl almost gets run out of town by a mob of angry grannies Review: Let’s start by saying that I am a big Marina Adair fan and I love her St. Helena’s […]

Grey’s Anatomy: 11×07 – Can We Start Again, Please?

It was nice to see Meredith bonding with her ‘sisters’ Maggie and Amelia.  This episode really made Amelia grow on me.  Really loved the group scene at the end in Meredith’s old house, especially Callie’s exclamation that they are all related by sex. I didn’t think I would like Arizona’s story arc this season but […]

Chicago P.D.: 2×06 – Prison Ball

I’ve always liked, but never really loved, Atwater but he really came into his own in this episode.  Loved that he and Burgess still hang out.  Ruzek and Atwater undercover in the prison was awesome and I loved that Atwater really kicked ass. The secondary story with Burgess, Roman and the juveniles was also good.  […]