The Newsroom: 3×06 – What Kind Of Day Has It Been


I am still so sad that Charlie died but I am happy that it gave a great opportunity for plenty of my favourite thing about Sorkin TV shows: Flashbacks!

I loved the flashbacks in this episode and loved how it tied everything up to the Pilot and how it all came full circle.  I have enjoyed Season 3 but it has lacked the focus on the actual news and the tense edge of your seat newsroom scenes that we got in Season 1.

Still, this was a worthy series finale (*sniff*).  So happy about Will/Mac/baby and Will’s general reactions to this.  Sloan is just her wonderful terrific self.  As is Leona.  As is Charlie.  Although it’s hard to be invested in them given what the writers have put us through, I am pleased that Jim/Maggie got their happy ever after.  Loved the singing and playing of instruments.

But mostly I just loved Will/Mac, the banter and the flashbacks.


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