The Mentalist: 7×09 – Copper Bullet

I really enjoyed this episode.  I thought it was going to be all ‘high stakes’ and tense due to it being about Abbott’s secret but it turned out to be a rather lighthearted, old-style con.  Complete, with a lovely team moment at the end, and a chance for Jane to tell Lisbon what he is […]

Soundtrack to my 2014

{30 Albums} 2014 will always be the year that Christine McVie announced she was rejoining Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks shared some previously unreleased gems, I listened to a disproportionate amount of country albums, there were several disappointing alternative rock releases, a popular country artist shied away from her country roots, U2 gave away an album […]

The Millionaire's Proposition by @AvrilTremayne

‘I’m not cynical, Scott. Or if I am it doesn’t last—not if I have someone…’ she swallowed ‘… someone who’ll say to me, “Shh, I’m here”, like you just did. Putting things right for people is what I do, what I want to do, even if sometimes it gets too much. And perfect…? I don’t […]

The Mentalist: 7×07 – Little Yellow House

This season of The Mentalist has been awesome!  Usually once a couple gets together my interest wanes as I all about the build-up and UST but I’m loving Jane/Lisbon as a couple! And we finally got to meet two of Lisbon’s brothers and it was wonderful.  (As was the last scene

Chicago P.D.: 2×09 – Shouldn't Have Been Alone

The team work to catch the person who set the contraption which shot Burgess. I loved the tension in this episode, where every step might trigger a bomb.  I am really growing to like Sean Roman, and his past with the dog-cop has piqued my shipping radar – hope that is not the last we […]