The Millionaire's Proposition by @AvrilTremayne

The Millionaire's Proposition (Mills & Boon Modern) (Sydney's Most Eligible... - Book 2)‘I’m not cynical, Scott. Or if I am it doesn’t last—not if I have someone…’ she swallowed ‘… someone who’ll say to me, “Shh, I’m here”, like you just did. Putting things right for people is what I do, what I want to do, even if sometimes it gets too much. And perfect…? I don’t want to be perfect. And I don’t want you to be perfect either. I want to be imperfect—with you. I want children who are perfect or imperfect—who are anything as long as they’re yours. And I want to say to you, Shh, I’m here, when things get too much for you. Because I’m in love with you. And I would do anything—anything—for you to love me.’

ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 5*

Cover: Nay

Trope: Friends-with-benefits contract

Chemistry: Off the charts Scorchio

POV: 3rd Person

One-Sentence Summary: A Lawyer and an architect embark on a friends-with-benefits contract with some interesting results and a heart-swooning beach scene at the end.

Review: The book starts with a great ‘Meet Cute’ scene which is equal parts sexy and equal parts funny. After that things got a bit shaky for me, simply there were all these secondary characters introduced that you were just expected to know …. turns out that was my fault for not realising this was a second book in a series!

Never mind, if you’re like me and read this book without reading its predecessor then don’t worry, you can catch on fast: sexy rich men get together with equally pretty, strong women. However, this book is so much more than a cliché.

Avril Tremayne - Scott

The thing I loved the most about the book was the banter between Scott and Kate and the way they push each other’s boundaries. Very often characters’ backgrounds are forced into the plot to give the book substance but Scott’s insecurity when being compared to his brother and Kate’s liberal background were effortlessly woven into the story. I liked how we learnt about Scott/Brodie/Chantel (no doubt setting up a future book!) and something has to be said about the sexy Play Times. Hawt! My favourite scene has to be Scott’s interaction with Kate’s nieces though, very cute.  All round great characters even with the minor ones like Deb and Kate’s Mum who get a good few lines each.

The ending was pretty swoon worthy and I definitely came away with a new Book Boyfriend in Scott.


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