Game Changer by @m_cutler

Game Changer (Bomb Squad #3)

Rating: 5*

Cover: Yay

Chemistry Rating: Simmering

POV: 3rd Person

One-Sentence Summary: Bickering pals turn into bad lovers turn into best friends turn into crazy, hot, made-for-each-other lovers

Review:THIS IS THE BOOK I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! Ever since I first met Brandon and Harper in Risky Business I have been looking forward to this book and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

The UST and to-ing and fro-ing was everything I longed for but the biggest surprise of the book for me was just how much depth it had. If the Hero of a book has his leg blown off by an IED you might Melissa Cutler - Brandonexpect him to own all the “health issues” in the book but in fact it is the complete opposite. I love how Brandon is there for Harper throughout everything she goes through in dealing with the fact that she inherited her mother’s cancer gene.

It was a delight to see Brandon and Harper’s friendship grow and watch how it slowly develops into something more against the backdrop of Brandon’s reality TV show.

The epilogue kind of sounded like it was wrapping up the series as a whole but I really hope that it isn’t the case and that there are more books to come, even if they don’t manage to match the epicness of Brandon and Harper’s love story.


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