Q & A with … @KittyMeader

Today I am delighted to be hosting a Q&A with Kate Meader in honour of her new release ‘Even The Score’, brought to you by Entangled Publishing.  For more Q&A with Kate, please see this post.

Q.  What gave you the idea for the “Talk, Dark and Texan” series?

A. Actually, I started with the premise in Book 1, Even the Score. I had an idea about a woman working at a wedding as a caterer or a bartender, coming across a weeping bride in the bathroom ahead of the ceremony, then a little back-and-forth that ends with the woman convincing the bride to jilt the groom. Then the first chapter would end with the caterer/bartender comforting the groom, being super attracted to him, but she can’t tell him she’s the reason the bride did a runner. After a bit of brainstorming I thought it would be stronger if the woman was a friend, maybe the maid of honor, and she already had a history of hate-attraction with the groom. The idea to make the heroes Texan came about when I was thinking about the hero—why would it be so important to him to marry this woman? Where had he come from and what was he trying to prove, hence Hunter as the #TrailerTrashTexanTycoon. Then because I like series that are more hero-centric, I thought having a bunch of Texan guy friends who had been screwed over in love would be a fun way to relate them.Kate Meader

Q. I am really looking forward to Brody/Emma’s story. What can you tell us about them?

A. I’ve never written an office romance before, so I thought that would be a fun one to tackle (another trope checked off—yay!). Brody is the logical, analytical, somewhat nerdy one of the Texan trio and Emma is the office manager at Score Property. So there’s lot’s of opportunity for high levels of UST (unresolved sexual tension!). But because this is a Brazen, the U in UST has to resolve pretty quickly which can be tricky with the boss/employee taboo. Emma projects cool and unflappable, but she’s hiding a rather wild past (and present), living a double life, actually. Brody’s been in a bit of a fog since a bad breakup, and when Emma gets into trouble, his protective instincts rear up.

Q. What’s your favourite writing spot?

A. I have an office/guest room where I try to wrangle my characters into submission. But really, I prefer the sofa as long as my husband’s not around playing PS4 or the guitar or watching soap operas (he’s a big Days of Our Lives fan. Yep, 30 years and counting.)

Q. How do you decide on names for your characters?

A. For guys, I usually do one syllable names or names that sound appropriate for the area they grew up in. Of course, then I came up with Hunter and Brody 😉 For heroines, I’m pretty much open to anything but Zoe or Chloe – those names grate on my nerves for some reason and have been vetoed from all future books.

Q. If you had to choose just one, who is your favourite couple out of all the romances you’ve written so far and why?

A. Some authors will say it’s always they one they are currently writing, but not me. I have clear favorites! I’m tempted to go with Cara and Shane from All Fired Up, the second book in the Hot in the Kitchen series. Cara’s a prickly heroine, not instantly likeable, and is probably the only character who’s made me cry while writing her. She’s so broken and completely unlike most of my other heroines who are largely rather put together. Shane’s the perfect hero for her (my only beta hero, IIRC), so sexy and patient and Irish. Giving Cara and Shane a run for their money is Alex and Eli, my female firefighter and headstrong mayor in Book 2 of the Hot in Chicago series. They’re really funny and sexy together, and I’d say I enjoyed writing them the most.


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