Q & A with … @AmyAndrewsbooks

Today I am delighted to be hosting a Q&A with Amy Andrews in honour of her new release ‘The Colonel’s Daughter’, brought to you by Entangled Publishing.

Q.  Apart from Simon/CJ (who are my favourite TWW couple!), what else gave you the idea for ‘The Colonel’s Daughter’?

A. Oh Simon/CJ. Sigh… loved them so hard! And sob! Just sob…. L Hard to choose a fav couple from TWW though. So many great characters. I always wished there was more of Sam and Leo’s daughter. And I do love CJ and Danny. And of course Josh and Donna. But anyway…I digress. I’ve been wanting to write a bodyguard book for a long time because I just adore that trope –  the ultimate off-limits romance! But I never really had an idea for one until Entangled asked me if I wanted to write Scorpio and I instantly knew he had to be a bodyguard and I had a very clear picture of Dean/Seth. The story came to me quite quickly after that.

Q. In ‘The Colonel’s Daughter’, why does Seth wear contacts to change his eye colour?

A. Seth has gone in undercover to watch Ivy for her father. He has a false name and he needs to become that person, become Dean –  not be Seth. His changed eye colour is a constant reminder that he’s Dean. He’s also very aware that a bronzed skin guy of Portuguese descent with startling blue eyes is something that is unusual, something that people remember and one of the most important things about being undercover is to never stand out. Be unmemorable. Unremarkable. Of course, it’s hard to not stand out when you’re such a damn hottie.

Q.  How important is the setting of Australia to your books?

A. Very. I’m Australian. I like to write about the places and the people I know and am familiar with. I like to tell stories that are Australian. I’m also less likely to screw up on those kind of details. I think the most important things about a romance is the authenticity of the love story so I don’t really think it matters where its set as long as the feelings are real and the reader is invested in the couple.

Q. My two favourite books of yours so far are ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’ and ‘Ask Me Nicely’ from the ‘Naughty Or Nice’ series – any plans to write more books in this series?

A. Thank you.  🙂 Mack and Josie were a gift – like the planets had aligned.  🙂 And how could I not go on to write Sal’s book? But no plans to write any more in the series. At the moment….never say never, right?

Q. What’s your favourite trope to write?  

A. Okay, that’s a hard one. I love them all! I love a good off-limits trope and reunion romances. Also anything with a cowboy in it! One trope I haven’t written and would love to, is an amnesia story. But like the bodyguard I haven’t quite figured out yet how to pull that one off.

Q. If you had to choose just one, who is your favourite couple out of all the romances you’ve written so far and why?

A. Noooooooo! There’s over 50 of the suckers! 🙂 I love all of my couples for different reasons but I guess my current favs are Mack and Josie from ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’. Who can go past a heroine with a ten point sex list and a hero who’s man enough to tick it off?

Q. And finally, who are your favourite romance authors?

A. Oh, I’m so pleased you said authors, plural! 😀 Australian authors I love – and I’m talking contemporary here because that’s my fav genre – are Kelly Hunter & Sarah Mayberry (the queens of Aussie category rom IMHO), Ainslie Paton (love how Ainslie’s style is so different to anything else I’ve read), Madeline Ash (amazing new voice), Avril Tremayne (fabulously funny), Kylie Scott (love both her Zombie stuff and her rock stars) Ros Baxter (love, love, love). The first ever Jennifer Crusie I read changed my life and I’ve been a devoted fan ever since. Also love SEP, Rachel Gibson, Janet Evanovich, Wendy Marcus, Victoria Dahl, Laura Kaye, Ruthie Knox….recently read and love one of Tracy Brogan’s books too. And I could go on. And on. And on…. 🙂


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