Wilde for Her (Wilde Security #2) by @tonyaburrows

Wilde at Heart (Wilde Security, #3)Rating: 2.5*

Trope: Fake Relationship

Chemistry: Damp squid

One-Sentence Summary: It’s not paranoia if people actually are out to get you ….

Review: Well, this was a big fat disappointment. After having to wait 2 years for the latest installment in the Wilde series, I was practically salivating at the thought of another awesome addition the series.

Instead we got this.

It wasn’t AWFUL per say, and maybe my standards are just ridiculously high, but this book just did absolutely nothing for me.

Some things that irritated me:

1. WTF is Greer’s deal?! His brother ends up in hospital and when poor wounded Reese gives him a call he’s basically like “yeah, I knew everything that was going on” but he didn’t think to share that piece of information with his brother?!

2. Vaughan’s obsession with Lara is more than stalkerish. Did we even meet her? I presume so but cannot remember. And some joke about considering suicide by pulling the parachute too late. Not funny.

3. Reese’s finance issues seemed to sort themselves out remarkably easily at the end given the burden they’d been causing him for the whole book.

4. What are the odds that the arsonist just happens to be the same person blackmailing Shelby and just so happened was tipped off by the husband of the woman who was blackmailing Reese who was only doing it to cover said husband’s problems and then sent the blackmail photos to yet another person out to ruin Shelby – and, wait, the PI doing the actual stalking of Shelby to get the blackmail photos gets involved with Shelby’s crazy ass Mum. Confused? I don’t blame you.

5. Shelby and Reese themselves – I was completely uninvested.

6. Shelby’s crazy ass Mum and judgemental sister Eva (the latter broke my heart because I loved her book).


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