You Should Know: Jason Bourne / Nicky Parsons {Bourne}

It’s been awhile since I had a good shipping flail session.

Michael/Nikita (Maggie Q <3), Chuck/Sarah, Will/Mac, Harry/Hermione (HA! JKR so onboard with this as it turns out) all seem like a distant memory and now all I really have to invest in is Halstead/Lindsay (Chicago PD), Deeks/Kensi (NCIS:LA) and hope that the relationship of John Stamos/Paget Brewster’s characters on Grandfathered progresses before the show gets cancelled.

But then Julia Stiles posted  a photo on Instagram of the final day of shooting Bourne #5 and it made me smile because I love Julia Stiles and I vaguely remember  hearing that Matt Damon was making another Bourne film…….  And then all the pieces came together. Julia Stiles.  In Bourne.  OMG does this mean we’re going to get some Jason/Nicky action?!

And suddenly my brief obsession from 2007 hit me full force (brief because there is only so much you can obsess over a handful of scenes in 3 movies, as opposed to a whole TV series).


05I have always loved Julia Stiles.  Loved, loved, loved her ever since 10 Things I Hate About You and eagerly devoured every romantic comedy she has been in all the way to The Makeover where she, yet again, played an awesome character opposite a drop-dead sexy lead.

She is just so real, smart and down-to-earth and a great role model.

And then there’s Bourne….

I’d watched the Bourne films.  Liked the first one but didn’t really remember it and then this scene.  THIS SCENE.  The scene that launched a whole ship with those seven little words.

tumblr_m8xo6yimRH1qgfn35o11_250tumblr_m8xo6yimRH1qgfn35o12_r1_250 tumblr_m8xo6yimRH1qgfn35o1_r2_250 tumblr_m8xo6yimRH1qgfn35o2_r2_250

That one line, that ONE line was all I needed.  I mean I liked Marie but she was just kind of there and when she got shot I was just like ‘Oh poor Jason, Marie’s dead’ but then with Nicky you have all the angst, the history, the mountains of unexplored character depth.  I mean how freaking hard must this whole thing have been on her: seeing Jason get tortured during training, seeing him with Marie, having him point a gun at her head several times and nearly killing her and then fully have to process the knowledge that he doesn’t remember anything.   And the scriptwriting!  Amazing!  They just had that one line and then everything else Julia Stiles plays out brilliantly in just looks – in the cafe, on the ferry, after Bourne is killed the asset, in the room in the mirror, touching his hand, listening to him tell her to go, seeing him look at her as she cuts her hair, the scene at the coach station where it’s like she really wants to say something or hug him but she forces herself not to, the look she give him when he tells her it gets easier …… I mean WOW.  One line and then she never speaks again (apart from technical stuff).

Even Julia Stiles was onboard with this shippy shippiness:

I like that Paul leaves a lot of questions unanswered in terms of storytelling. I think I answered it in my head which was that Nikki was around before he became Jason Bourne and she knows who he is aside from all this training and that makes her sympathize with him more and trust him. So, yeah, I think they either had a relationship or she pines after him but can’t bring it up because he doesn’t remember anything.

And now there’s Bourne #5 and the strong chance we might get some Jason/Nicky backstory – what was their relationship before he lost his memory?  Is Jason going to get his memory from that time back? Are they going to have more ~moments~?  Now that Jason has had a chance to get over Marie, is Nicky/Jason going to be a real thing?!

The onset pictures don’t tell us much but I remain hopeful!

11 04

If nothing else, Jason Bourne is back to grabbing her arm and dragging her around everywhere …..



3 Responses

  1. Yvette

    Well said! I’m right there with you in full ‘shippy shippiness’ mode. 🙂 That scene in the cafe (written by George Nolfi, writer/director of “The Adjustment Bureau” and one of three writers credited for the “Bourne Ultimatum” re-write) is so incredible. After she said “those seven words” and then looked at him, licked her lip, and looked at him again … ‘his’ eyes went from “What?” to “Oh, got it” … great scene!


  2. Jasmine

    The new movie doesn’t have any romantic scenes of them, or any explanation of their past and they killed her off. I was really expecting flashbacks of them.


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