On His Watch (Search and Rescue 0.5) by @KatieRuggle

On His Watch (Search and Rescue, #0.5)ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 3*

Trope: Reconciliation Romance

Chemistry: Damp Squid

One-Sentence Summary: Two former lovers reconnect super speedily during a rescue mission

Review: The idea of this series really excites me but unfortunately I don’t think this book did justice to the premise.

I felt the dialogue and banter a bit childish and I really don’t think this novella needed to include the perspective of the two girls as it is already hard to a) set the premise for a whole series and introduce series characters in a novella b) tell the story and the romance it sets out to tell in such a few pages.

Romance-wise I couldn’t believe how quick Derek and Artemis jumped back into each others’ arms: they lived together in the same town and avoided each other for YEARS and then as soon as they meet up again for the first time in forever they bounce straight into a relationship and happy-ever-after. That combined with the fact Artemis has just gotten out of an abusive relationship meant I simply couldn’t buy into their love.


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