Hold Your Breath (Search and Rescue #1) by @KatieRuggle

Hold Your Breath (Search and Rescue, #1)ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 4*

Trope: Suspense

Chemistry: Low Boil

One-Sentence Summary: A search and rescue newcomer gets targeted by a stalker

Review: Admittedly, the novella which introduced the series didn’t really win me over but this first full length novel completely made me a fan.

This book focuses heavily on the whodunnit element and the romance slowburns away in the background which is a really nice change of pace. I’ve read loads of ‘insta-love’ romances recently and it was great to see Callum and Lou’s relationship build slowly.

The fact that they are both rescue divers makes for an interesting setup and I wish we had seen more of Callum and Lou out rescuing and less time in Lou’s tame other job as a barista. The scene in the ice at the climax of the book was really something though and had been racing through the pages like I was actually there.

As to one of the whodunnit elements then beware this book ends on a cliffhanger and I guess several of the characters we have already met in passing are going to be key to solving that mystery. I’ll definitely be coming back to find out.


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