EU Referendum 2016 by @davidtorrance

EU Referendum 2016ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 5*

One-Sentence Summary: Leave or Remain?

Review: If I had my way everyone in the UK with a vote would be forced to a) vote on 23rd June and b) read this book so they can make an informed decision either way.

It is no doubt in my mind that the referendum in June is a key milestone in Britain’s history and whilst hearing politicians bash each other over it can grow tiresome, it does not diminish its importance.

I requested this book because, whilst I know I will definitely vote, I simply do not know where I stand on the issues at the moment but I know enough to believe that you can’t believe the soundbites e.g. Cameron’s lowblow assertion that leaving Europe would trigger World War III.

This book is impartial and educational and presents the views of both sides in a digestible, easy to read way. Personally my knowledge of European history anytime post-Romans is minimal at best and this book gave me the basics when it comes to UK’s history with the rest of Europe. Most importantly, perhaps, it also dispelled a lot of the myths that no doubt much of the general public is basing their vote on.

What it doesn’t do, and no book, newspaper or politician will ever be able to, is give a clear outline of what will happen if the UK decides to leave Europe and this is the biggest barrier that the Brexit campaign are having to fight against. It’s a big risk jumping into the unknown and that’s why I believe the change-adverse general public will choose remain (but then, what do I know?!).

So having read the book, do I now know how I am going to vote? No, not yet but I do have a much better understanding of all the pros and cons. Nothing is ever perfect so it is just for me to decide on what issues I feel most strongly about and what is more risky in the long-term: remaining or leaving.

Watch this space.


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