Quantico: 1×22 – Yes

It’s graduation day for the NATS of Quantico, while, in the future, Alex and her team find themselves head-to-head with the terrorist.


No other show this season has had me as gripped as Quantico.  From its Pilot it has hardly put a foot wrong (apart from Alex sleeping with 3 different guys within 20 weeks despite being in love with Ryan but anyway ….).  There haven’t been as many shocking twists gracing my screen ever since Nikita finished.

Part of me fell for TPTB’s plan to suspect everyone at one point or another but I honestly thought by the last episode that it was Drew.  The final twist blew my mind.

I love that this episode opened showing us Liam’s POV of the NAT’s time at Quantico and how he gathered all the intel in order to set them up.  One of the series’s strengths is the way it went back and forth from real time to the time at Quantico.  I’m going to presume that that can’t happen in Season 2 so I’m definitely going to miss that.

Great to see the awesome gang working together again for a common cause right back where it all started.  Caleb/Shelby and Ryan/Alex <3.

Simon really stole the show though.  He snuck his way into my heart and his final scene?  Wow.

Knowing this show though I kept thinking he was going to be revealed as still being alive and that Alex would find clues to this at the end of the episode.  I can still keep that hope alive though right?

Alex joining the CIA seems a logical place for the show to go now and whilst I’m sure it will break Ryan’s heart I’m sure she will get through anything that the agency throws at her in the future with a little help from her friends.

4.5 Stars


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