Chicago Med: 1×18 – Timing

Dr. Rhodes treats his mentor and Goodman faces personal issues in the Season 1 finale. Also: April deals with a disorderly patient; Dr. Manning’s past catches up with her; and Sarah’s graduation day arrives, but she remains conflicted about her future.

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I’m not going to lie – I was a tad disappointed with this finale.

It seemed like nothing much happened except manoeuvring another roadblock between Will and Natalie.  I have shipped them since the first episode but I knew the moment when we had Will kiss her and declare his feelings that TPTB were moving them too fast and there wouldn’t be a happy resolution any time soon.  I wanted at least a whole season of Will pining for her and then maybe Natalie finding out about his feelings at the end of the season.  When that didn’t happen I wanted Will to take the job in California and then have Natalie realise how much she needs/misses him.  Alas it wasn’t to be.

The end of the Downey/Rhodes storyline was as expected, Choi/the parrot was cute and I feel mildly sorry for April and Goodwin given their respective bad news.  Overall though it wasn’t a strong end to the season.

3.5 Stars


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