Grey's Anatomy: 12×24 – Family Affair

Meredith and Maggie support Amelia on an important day; Jo reveals that she has been keeping secrets from Alex while Arizona and Callie deal with the impact of their custody arrangement. Meanwhile, Ben leaps into action to help a friend.


I can’t believe it!  A Grey’s Anatomy finale where no one died and there were no real cliffhangers (apart from emotional ones ….) and which ended on a generally positive note! Wow.  Wasn’t expecting that.

I ended the season the way I started with Meredith being the only character I really truly care about.  I love her friendship with Alex.  I don’t have any feelings about her and Riggs apart from the fact that their banter was kind of cute but I know it’s going to end up with more drama, first because of Maggie’s confession but more importantly because I am sure Owen’s sister is going to show up next season and Riggs will have to choose between her and Meredith.

I really don’t have any other investment in the other relationships: I liked the Amelia scenes in this episode mainly for the way Meredith was awesome with her and agreed to be her twisted sister.  I’m glad that the Warren arc has gone full circle and that Jackson and April’s baby is okay.  I saw that Jo storyline coming a mile off and as soon as Deluca entered the bar I knew that it would end up with Alex walking in on him and Jo in a seemingly comprising position.

And then Callie/Arizona …..  I loved them once upon a time and I suppose this was the nicest way they could have wrapped up their storyline.

I had read rumours about the likelihood of Sara Ramirez leaving the show a couple of weeks ago but kind of forgot about it until I finished watching this episode and read her statement.  I am sad for Arizona but I liked how they left Callie’s story open for maybe some guest star slots in the future.  This is probably the most lowkey leaving episode for a main character (well, apart from Teddy of course).

4 Stars


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