That Time I Met @ericcolsen & @DanielaRuah from NCIS:LA @MCMComicCon

So on Saturday I attended my first ever ComicCon/convention to see Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah.

Needless to say there was a LOT of queuing for everything (apart from the toilets oddly enough) but it was totally worth it.

The photoshoot was a bit of a blur but I remember Eric saying his name in introduction and me kind of going into shock before responding.  The fact that Daniela pulled a funny pose didn’t even register until I saw the photo!

At the autograph stand I asked Eric whether we were ever going to find what is in the box and he wrote on my autograph “What’s in the box?  Love is …”  🙂  I asked Daniela the same thing and she said that her boss won’t even tell her and that she thinks it was  a puppy which is now a dead puppy.  Even though the signs said “no selfies” and there was a strict man on patrol, I asked and got selfies with both of them. The one with Eric came out really blurry probably because my hand was shaking so I got Daniela to take the one with her and that came out nice.

Autographs - MCM London May 2016

They seemed really happy to be there meeting fans, Daniela especially.  She was so full of energy and really positive despite being pregnant.

The panel was really funny – they are just like their characters in real life with all the banter and teasing.  They answered questions about their interviews for the show, the importance of the show as they always catch the bad guys, what it’s like making out with each other, the prank Daniela pulled on Eric on his first day, their favourite stunts,  and the fact that they hope that no matter what happens Deeks and Kensi stay together as they are made for each other and they are both invested in their happiness (plus some other random questions).  Daniela confirmed that she has a general idea of how her maternity leave is going to be written into the show, that there is going to be the chance for some great character work but that the pregnancy is not going to be written into the show.

I also stopped by to get Amanda Righetti’s autograph as I loved The Mentalist.  She was really quiet, don’t know if she felt a bit intimidated that everyone else had really long queues for their autographs and she was just sitting there waiting for someone to come along.

I had such a great time.  Eric and Daniela really are just as awesome and friendly as they appear on screen and in interviews and really really appreciative of their fans.


See more photos of the NCIS LA to Washington panel on my Flickr!

And some videos below:

Watch in HD for best quality

Daniela talks about her audition for NCIS:LA:

Daniela and Eric talk about having to make out on screen despite being in-laws:

Daniela and Eric talk about the prank she pulled on him on his first day:

Daniela talks about how what TPTB are going to do with her pregnancy on the show (and mentions the box!):



2 Responses

  1. Rainbowstevie

    Soooo, I am presently in a free-fall spiral into NCIS: LA a.k.a. everything Deeks/Kensi/actors-who-play-them related, and I just remembered you did this. And while I apparently failed spectacularly at celebrating with or congratulating you in any kind of a timely fashion, now I am definitely in a “I can’t believe you actually got to do this amazing thing” place (what lovely keepsakes those photos are!).

    Currently laughing to the point of tears at the prank video; I love their shared storytelling. Also fascinated by how the lights make her hair look purple, and how weirdly amazing that color looks on her. Thanks for the media round up and the personal reporting!


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