Wrong Bed Reunion (Most Likely To #2) by Candy Sloane

Wrong Bed Reunion (Most Likely To, #2)ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: 1.5*

Trope: Fake relationship

Chemistry: Damp squid

One-Sentence Summary: A girl crawls into the wrong bed at a high school reunion

Review: I loved Ms Sloane’s debut novel in the Brazen line but I’m afraid to say that her followup novel and I just did not get on.

There were just too many frustrating things and then there’s the heroine Georgia who is the definition of irritating.

The plot is based around the premise that Georgia thinks she is sneaking into her high school boyfriend, Brandon’s, room and starts to seduce him, unaware that the lucky guy is actually Gideon the high school geek.

I know that several years have passed since she last saw Brandon but you would kind of think that she would recognise that the guy in bed wasn’t her high school sweetheart before it got as far as it did. Anyway, I was still with the story at this point. Where it lost me was after every single encounter with Gideon, even after they have crazy hot sex, she is still obsessed with getting Brandon back and just using Gideon to make him jealous even though Brandon barely notices her. As a setup this was okay but it just went on waaay too long that I simultaneously felt sorry for Gideon and wanting to slap him for letting himself be used like that.

Every heroine needs a friend to pour her heart out to and in this story it is the hapless Kim who has absolutely no personality and spends the whole of the story in bed sick, apart from when she appears to be Georgia’s soundboard (except not really because Georgia doesn’t tell her she’s doing it with Gideon instead of Brandon). Kim = one dimensional.

The book spends a good proportion of time highlighting that the story is based on a ‘fake relationship’ trope and building up to the favour that Gideon needs – a fake girlfriend. However, we never get to see that play out because they get their happily ever after before the dinner and therefore a good trigger for tension and play-acting is lost.

Finally, as I said at the start Georgia is just plain unlikable.


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