NCIS: Los Angeles: 7×24 – Talion

When Sam receives a distress code from his son Aiden that his school has been taken over by an extremist group, Sam, Callen, Kensi and Deeks rush to San Francisco to protect Aiden and free the hostages.


For a show which contains my current favourite couple – Deeks/Kensi in case you couldn’t guess – I have been really bad at keeping up with this show this season.

I let practically half the season build up before meeting Dani and Eric prodded me to catch up and finally arrive at the finale.

I liked the setup and the idea of bringing back Sam’s son and involving him in putting an end to the Tahir storyline, which I was none too fond of.

It was executed well with lots of holding your breath as characters peer round corners moments but everything was wrapped up nice and neatly with no cliffhangers, a cute Sam/Aiden moment, a cute Deeks/Kensi moment, a funny Eric/Nell and Granger/Hetty moment.

Finale aside, needless to say that my favourite thing this season has been Deeks/Kensi being happy and in love together.  I kind of thought that Dani’s pregnancy would create the perfect opportunity to write a pregnancy into the show and take their relationship to the next level.  However, Dani confirmed at the ComicCon panel that they are not writing her pregnancy into the show and that there are interesting times ahead which undoubtedly means that whatever happens to write her disappearance into the show, there is going to be some tension for Deeks/Kensi …..

4 Stars


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