Flashpoint Season 1


On the one hand I am annoyed with myself for not picking up this show when it was still on air and getting to enjoy the experience “live”.  On the other hand, I am grateful that I have discovered this show when I can get my hands on the whole series at once and be wowed episode after episode.

I’ve only watched the first season so far but it is just wonderful.  It combines all the things I love about my favourite procedurals: great team, cute ship, high stakes situations, and perps you can sympathise with.

The Team

Greg ParkerVeronica Mars‘s Dad!  What a steady leader who knows exactly what his team needs

Ed Lane – The first episode was very Ed-centric and I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a whole show where he was the main character but it turns out they only chose to focus on him in that episode and ultimately whilst “his” storyline bookended the season, it is very much a team show.  He definitely grew on me more and more as the season went on.

Jules Callaghan – my favourite character.  Yes you’re shocked I know!  Smart sassy female in a man’s world.

Sam Braddock – when we first met him my initial thoughts were that he was a cocky lad but he won me over as much as he won Jules over.

Spike – he brings the laughs.

Wordy – loved how we found out about how he met his wife early on in this season and that he doesn’t mind getting in touch with his feminine side since he has daughters

Lou – probably the only character we know nothing about at the moment!

The Perps

As much as I love the team, the cases are what makes this show amazing.  There wasn’t a single episode I didn’t love and I would go as far as to say the majority of them were outstanding.  Favourite ones:

1×02 – First In Line with the father of the heart transplant girl.  That’s when I knew I had to keep watching this show.  Wow.
1×04 – Asking For Flowers with the familiar face of Rebecca from Played.
1×06 – Attention Shoppers with the poor teenage girl and great setting for an episode in a busy shopping mall.
1×08 – Never Kissed A Girl with the wrongly imprisoned boy.
1×10 – Eagle Two with the team on protective detail


Gah!!!!  I spoiled myself completely for what happens in future seasons when I was looking for gifs which I’m slightly mad at myself for but still, I can’t wait to see their happy ever after play out

  • I loved Sam’s flirting at the start
  • I loved the scene in the changing room where he was examining her back
  • I am surprised they got together so soon
  • I liked the whole blue paint thing meaning that Parker knew about them
  • The look on Sam’s face when Jules got shot!!

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