Q&A With … @MiraLynKelly

Today I am delighted to be hosting a Q&A with Mira Lyn Kelly  in honour of her new release ‘May The Best Man Win’.

Q. What gave you inspiration for ‘The Best Men’ series?

A. The inspiration for the Best Man series goes back to an??????????

impassioned debate over “Construction worker hot” vs “Tuxedo fine” between a couple of like-minded man-candy aficionados I gab with from time to time. We were pulling snaps from Pinterest to support our cases when suddenly I had this group of tuxedo clad hotties piled up in front of me. An idea was born, lol.

Q. What can you tell us about future couples in ‘The Best Men’ series?

A. I can tell you that all the guys from this tight knit group of friends will get their day on the page. And as different as they all are, I’m more than a little bit in love with every single one of them! Jase (MAY THE BEST MAN WIN) is a banker and has his hands full with the girl he loves to hate; Max (BEST MAN FOR THE JOB) is a cop scoring a second shot with the girl who got away; Hotel heir Sean (BEST MAN WITH BENEFITS) knows better than to cross the line with his best friend…mostly; and bar owner Brody (STAND IN BEST MAN) is a chronic fixer who can’t resist helping out a beautiful woman.

Q. What was the easiest part to write in ‘May The Best Man Win’?

A. Probably the snowy parking lot scene when Jase and Emily first give in to the sizzle that’s been building between them for, well, the last decade. I get a little emotionally invested in my people (err, characters) and when they’ve got that whole heart poundy thing happening so do I…so that scene was loads of fun. I couldn’t wait to give them a taste of what they’d been wondering about for so many years!

Q. And the hardest?

A. Honestly, I hate to put obstacles in front of my people. I’d love to get them past the first challenge and then spend another seventy thousand words writing about how blissfully happy they are from that day forward. But that’s not really much of a story…so the hardest thing I have to do is give them mistakes to make, opportunities to miss, heartache to suffer. Sniff. Why can’t it all be hot nookie against the fridge?

Q. What’s your favourite trope to write?

A. Friends-to-lovers. Without a doubt. And I’d say it comes through to a certain degree in pretty much all of my books. Even in this Enemies-to-lovers story, friendship plays a major role. I’m a sucker for it—probably because it’s so close to my very own happily ever after. I married my best friend 🙂

Q. And finally, who are your favourite romance authors?

A. Lexi Ryan, Lauren Blakely, Kresley Cole, Helena Hunting, Tessa Dare, Megan Mulry, Kristan Higgins… okay, honestly I could go on all day. I have about a zillion girls I could read 24/7 and never get tired of!

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