Chicago Fire: 4×19 – I Will Be Walking


I have really not been feeling this show this season.  To be honest ever since Shay was killed off there hasn’t been a character that I truly love and am invested in which has probably contributed to my lack of interest in the show.

However, now and then an episode comes along which reminds me why it’s still on my watchlist (that and the fact I’m watching the other Chicago shows).

I’m not invested in Casey’s Alderman run but I loved his storyline with the boy determined to walk to his graduation.  I’m glad that they are giving Otis a storyline – I hope he goes for his blood test ASAP!  The bar Olympics between Stella and Herrmann was hilarious and brought a nice lighthearted angle to the episode.

My only complaint is with Severide’s storyline.  He keeps getting these random storylines where he gets involved with law enforcement or things from his past, where there is a bit of a mystery, which isolates him from the other members of the team.  The detective’s son and Pouch was cute but how are we meant to suddenly care about the detective’s troubles after meeting her for one episode and why is Severide getting involved again?!


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