Chicago Fire: 4×23 – Superhero


In the Season 4 finale, Boden and Jimmy are at odds. Kidd deals with her unstable ex. Dawson continues her quest to foster Louie. Casey’s new political consultant urges him to think big. The team responds to a dangerous structure fire.


The last few episodes have been the best of the whole season.

TPTB finally gave the cute Jimmy a storyline. there were big fires and life/death situations and I was actually quite fond of the Dawson/Louie storyline.  Adored the team rallying around her to convert Herrmann’s empty room into an idyllic apartment (I want!!).  I was 95% sure that Casey wouldn’t end up going to Susan’s room but it was a nice play with the switchabout to Dawson’s door.

I am ambivalent to Severide/Stella but Grant needs to GTFO now.  He’s been around far too much and I don’t understand how Stella has been so patient with him.  I also can’t stop at staring at Stella’s ears – they do stick out right?  It’s not just me ….


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