Train – A Girl A Bottle A Boat (2017)


I am a big big fan of Train.

Let’s circle back to 2004 and the soundtrack to SpiderMan 2.  Nope not the Tom Holland Spiderman.  Nope not the Andrew Garfield Spiderman but the Topher Grace one.  It was around this time that I started getting into music and liked Ordinary by Train on the soundtrack so I set out to discover more and buying all their back catalog CDs.

I’ve been a fan ever since and seen them in concert twice, including once where they filmed a music video for Shake Up Christmas.

Needless to say I look forward to every year which sees a new Train album land in my iTunes.  Save Me San Francisco, California 37, even Bulletproof Picasso to a lesser extent …. all have been great favourites.

Then came A Girl A Bottle A Boat.

My first thought was “why the hell isn’t there any punctuation?!” in the album title.

My second thought was “where the hell is the band I know and love?!”.  Yes Pat Monahan their epic frontman and singer is still front and center but where is the bald dude and the cute blonde floppy hair guy?!  Who are these new people?!

It wasn’t going well so far.

I wish that I had all the answers
And I could walk you down your road
For all the times those times you feel like you don’t matter
There’s just one thing you gotta know …

Drink Up
Given that I don’t think or go to parties, the lyrics of this one doesn’t appeal to me but it has a catchy chorus and guess it’ll be one to get the crowd going when played live.

Play That Song
Decent single

The News
The synthesised “home” is really annoying.  Next.

If the song is meant to make you feel you’ve been transported to Cuba then I guess it’s successful.

Working Girl
I am on my 5th listen of this song and I still can’t tell if it’s about prostitutes or genuinely about a girl who just works a lot.  Therefore, whilst I like the tune, that fact and the fact that there are words like Aspartame (which I had to Google), Ritalin and bacon in the lyrics doesn’t really appeal to me.

Silver Dollar
I genuinely can’t tell if we’re still on the theme of Working Girl and this is about giving her the money

Old-fashioned vibe which I guess will appeal to some.  Not me.

What Good Is Saturday
What good is Saturday?  I honestly don’t know when I listen to this song.

Ooh a song I like.

Lost and Found
My favourite song on the album.  Whether it’s a coincidence or not but the start of it reminds me of Mermaid, one of my favourite songs from California 37.

You Better Believe
Nice ballad to round off the mediocre album.


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  1. It is the Pat Monahan show now! It is a solo project..NOT TRAIN!! I am a huge Train fan and it was my wife and I’s band together. We even met the 3 of them several years back. I am not thrilled with the Pat show and still using the Train name. And, I agree with your assessment on the album…mine was similar.

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