Ed Sheeran – ÷ (2017)



I was not, like everyone else in England seems to be, an Ed Sheeran fan right from the start.

I was put-off from trying him out because I couldn’t understand why a singer-songwriter and ace guitar player would want to insert rap into his songs.  Also, I’m not keen on the constant references to smoking, taking drugs and drinking alcohol in his lyrics.

But as much as I wasn’t won over by +, I was hooked by some catchy songs on X and ÷ is more of the same.

lHwE8sh5TnaGbjmiojLb_ES_Divide_Final_Layered_Artwork1 (250x250)

I’ll paint the picture let me set the scene
I know, I’m all for people following their dreams
Just re-remember life is more than fitting in your jeans
It’s love and understanding positivity

A song with rapping that I actually like …. gasp.

Castle On The Hill
I like this song even though it kind of makes me feel like I’ve missed out on “stereotypical” teenage years.

I like.

Shape Of You
Why is he always drinking when he meets girls?  Catchy.

Love song.

Galway Girl ❤
Really really catchy and I love the Irish fiddle.  I can’t believe Sheeran even had to justify this song to his record company!

For a song called “Happier” you couldn’t get a much sadder song.

New Man
Ed doesn’t want to know about your new man and nor do I – if he’s anything like the man described in this song, you can do better girl!

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here
Acoustic love song.

What Do I Know? ❤
I think he’s got a chip on his shoulder – the second time he’s emphasised the fact he never went to university.

How Would You Feel? (Paean)

Supermarket Flowers

I guess you can only really appreciate this song if you happen to actually be in Spain listening to this.

Bibia Be Ye Ye
Erm, what?

Nancy Mulligan ❤
Love this song about how his grandparents met.  More pop songs with Irish fiddles please!

Save Myself
I just want to give him a hug.


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