Criminal Minds: Beyond Border: 2×09 – Blowback


The International Response Team is investigated by the FBI after a mission in Kurjikistan results in the death of a suspect.

Aka the episode where Monty kicked verbal kickass.

I’ve never been a massive fan of his but he really won my respect in this episode.  In fact the show as a whole has really won my attention this season.  After a very lukewarm first season I wasn’t sure how long I was going to stick around for this season but I have enjoyed it a lot so far!

Standout moments include Seager’s flirtation with the British journalist, Seager and Jarvis’s friendship, Garrett running into his son undercover (no doubt a plot arc that is due to play out for the rest of the season) and the Singapore episode which had a more authentic feel location-wise as opposed to the numerous B-reel footage and blatant decorated sets that is an unfortunate by-product of setting the show in a different country every week.

Back to this episode, it was set up to be the typical “different” episode which often occurs during procedural crime series.  You know, the one where they try and be a bit different and to shake up the formula a bit, usually relying on the plot bunny of the team being under investigation from Internal Affairs and the good old narrative tool of flashbacks.

It played out better than most and I loved the whodunnit twist at the end and Garrett’s “resignation”.  What a good leader.  He, like the actor who portrays him, definitely has my respect.


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