NCIS: Los Angeles: 8×13 – Hot Water + 8×14 – Under Siege + 8×15 – Payback


For a show I once couldn’t get enough of not long ago, I am rather behind with this show this season.

I understand why Kensi’s hospital story arc had to happen but I’ve missed her and Deeks’s banter and her kickassery in the field.Β  Also any plot arc that drags out for more than a season, I feel that TPTB are stringing it out for far too long.Β  In NCIS: LA’s case that’s the mole arc.

So it’s with more than a little irony I am here blogging about how much I actually liked these mole-centric episodes.

I loved the idea of four members of the team getting arrested and locked up by different agencies.Β  Deeks was his usual funny self (trying to pump everyone for proposal locations was sweet!) and his conversation with the policewoman behind the desk followed by Kensi’s conversation with her was hilarious.

The fact that Duggan could actually have been an ally before being shot was an interesting turn of events.

Poor Grainger!Β  I only recently found out that the actor had terminal cancer so I guess his storyline make sense now.

Just when you think you know who is the mole another three traitors show up: Sabatino, some guy they saved from a Russian prison who I can’t remember and Kensi’s “friend” Sully from the hospital.

The interspersion of humour with Hetty/Carl and suspense with Kensi being kidnapped was really nicely done.

Two twists I definitely didn’t see coming: Hetty being behind the team’s arrests all along and her epic “suicide bomber” moment.

And Whiting got shot!Β  Deeks’ confession to her was touching.Β  I think we’re meant to presume she dies?

Joelle!Β  Is there any secondary character they didn’t bring back for these episodes?!Β  WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE IS ALSO CIA?!?!Β  Unimpressed desk police officer trying to finish Grainger off.Β  The retired Admiral is kind of cool (replacement for Grainger?)

So I liked the way these three epic episodes were all kind of wrapped up with Sabatino still in play (friend or foe?), an awesome Deeks/Kensi reunion and a really touching scene between Hetty/Grainger given that Miguel Ferrer dies soon after this episode was filmed.

Totally back into this show now.


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