Love Me Not (Helen Grace #7) by M.J. Arlidge (2017)

Love Me Not (Helen Grace, #7)She Loves Me
A woman’s body lies in the road. At first it looks like a tragic accident. But when Helen Grace arrives on the scene it’s clear she’s looking at a coldblooded killing. But why would anyone target a much-loved wife and mother?

She Loves Me Not
Across town, a shopkeeper is killed while his customers are left unharmed. But what lies behind the killer’s choices?

She Loves Me
Who lives? Who dies? Who’s next? The clock is ticking.

She Loves Me Not
If Helen can’t solve this deadly puzzle then more blood will be shed. But any mistake and it might be her own …

Helen Grace, now back at Southampton Central following her release from prison, is first on the scene.

ARC received from: Netgalley

Rating: ★★★★½

One-Sentence Summary: Helen Grace versus angst-fuelled, trigger-happy killers

Review: How are we on the 7th book in this series already? It seems like only yesterday that I first received Eeny Meeny as an ARC and was introduced to this excellent crime series.

After the traumatic events of Hide And Seek, Arlidge gives Helen Grace a more impersonal case to tackle in this book. The killing spree of two amphetamine-fulled young adults takes place over a 24-hour period and this, as well as the swapping of POVs, certainly helps keep the book fast-paced and action-driven.

Inevitably the perp doesn’t get captured without Grace getting hurt and putting herself in danger again but she gets off lightly compared to one of the members of her team leading her to ask her confident Charlie why she is still alive and walking around when so many people close to her are not.

All I can is that I hope Arlidge doesn’t make Grace pay the ultimate sacrifice any time soon as it would be a big disappointment to have this series come to an end.


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