Passengers (2016)



One Sentence Summary: Two ridiculously pretty people fall in love on a spaceship hurtling through space and are forced to accept their own mortality.  21st Century equivalent of Titanic except with a luxurious spaceship instead of a luxurious ship and a stray meteor instead of a stray iceberg and Chris & JLaw instead of Leo & Kate

Review: I really don’t know how I feel about this film.

On the one hand, a handsome prince does the 21st (22nd?) Century version of Sleeping Beauty and wakes a young innocent lady from a long slumber ….. except he’s not a prince.  He’s a lonely, selfish STALKER.

On the other hand, the two star-crossed lovers (gettit?!) *spoiler alert* choose one lifetime together over a chance for one of them to go back to sleep and get to their destination and live out the rest of their long life.  Love conquers all. Swoon.

If you can get your head around the reality that one day not too far away humans may be frozen in time in order to arrive young and sprightly in a galaxy planet far far away then this film does a good job in enveloping you in that world.  Humorous moments are provided courtesy of Michael Sheen the robot and Jim versus the computers and there are enough action scenes (spacewalk, swimming pool) to satisfy the action fans.

Ultimately it comes down to how you feel about the ~dilemma~.  Or Chris Pratt.

I mean lets forget everything else about the film for a moment and just reflect on the fact that Chris Pratt is hot.  I’m sorry but how did the slightly chubby boy from Everwood go from this:

Image result for chris pratt everwood

To This:



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