Mother’s Day (2016)



One Sentence Summary: A multi-story line romantic comedy about mothers.  Wait that sounds wrong.  It’s not an Oedipus-like incestuous film.

Review: I like a good heartwarming comedy.

This was not a good heartwarming comedy.

It was, at best, a luke-warm, toe-warming, kinda-funny-in-places film.

Where I stand on multi-arc romcoms is: Love Actually and The Holiday is the gold-standard, Valentine’s Day is middling and then down at the very end is New Year’s Eve.  The only thing I can remember about that one is that it has Zac Efron in it.

Mother’s Day is instantly forgettable.

I watched it some time this year and I can’t remember when or what it is about apart from the fact that there was a large focus on characters’ relationships with their mothers.  Shock.

I watched it because it has actresses I like in it (Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts) and in theory it was my kind of film (despite the fact there were far too many kids in it).

In the end the best things about it were the cameo by Jennifer Garner (remember when she used to do romcoms?  Please do more!) and the funny moments courtesy of Kate Hudson’s character’s relationship with her husband, parents and sister.


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