Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong (2015)



One Sentence Summary: A Far East version of Before We Go.  Two people meet and flirt in Far East Asia but the timing is never quite right.

Review: If you love Hong Kong or ever always wanted to visit then this is the film for you.  It is almost as if the Hong Kong Tourist Board commissioned this film themselves as it is essentially an 80 minute showcase of what there is to love about the city from the quintessential Star Ferry and Avenue of Stars to the touristy fortune-teller bird.

In fact whilst I liked the characters and their story, I think it’s probably fair to say I was watching the film more for the city I love than the plot itself.

Turns out that was probably a good decision as the most frustrating thing about this film is, of course, the ending.  Do-they / Don’t-they – the whole film has been leading to this moment and we are given an open-ended ending.

Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung are engaging together and it’s nice to know that despite the film’s ambiguous ending, the real-life couple got their happy ever after in reality.


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